Melbourne, June 2024

Experience the intersection of art, music & technology

ArtsiX is taking over a tech hub to transform it into vibrant recording and art studios for a weekend overflowing of creativity.

Renowned visual, digital, and musical artists will collaborate to create a unique collection of dynamic artworks and sounds.


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The Vision

Revolutionising the art world by merging traditional artistic methods with advanced technology...

...creating a unique platform where artists can explore & innovate, transforming how art is created & experienced.

The Founders


Multi-platinum ARIA Award-winning artist, producer & Eskimo Joe's frontman.


Skilled Project Director, guiding ArtsiX's projects to fruition.


International Digital art expert, exhibiting worldwide events.


Tech innovator, crafting unique tech-driven solutions.

The Creators

Building a new community
Expanding artistic practices
New creative connections

September 2023 saw the official launch of ArtsiX at Artsource in Fremantle.

The event untied a dynamic mix of 24 professional award winning artists, including rock stars, painters & 3D animators, for a week of collaborative creation.

16 original artworks were created & showcased in both a VIP exhibition & public street festival.

Building on this success, ArtsiX is planning an even more ambitious event in Melbourne in March/April, as a precursor to a larger gathering in Fremantle October 2024 where 50 diverse artists for a week-long creative session. ArtsiX envisions expanding this model into a globally captivating event.