Beth Temperley

Project Director and Driving Force

Beth Temperley serves as the project director of ARTSIX, providing the driving force behind the alliance's vision. As a visionary leader, she is passionate about revolutionizing the art world. Beth's determination and strategic guidance propel the alliance forward, ensuring that their goals of reimagining traditional art and exploring digital art forms are accomplished. She envisions a future where co-creation and exploration of digital art forms on blockchain technology take center stage.

Kav Temperley

Leading the Creative Hub as Curator of Music

Kav, a seasoned musician, takes the helm of the creative hub at ARTSIX. With his profound musical expertise, Kav orchestrates the collaboration between musicians and artists. He provides a nurturing environment where creativity thrives, and groundbreaking artistic expressions are born. Kav's leadership fosters an atmosphere of exploration, pushing the boundaries of what is possible when musicians and artists join forces.

Nate Hill

Renowned Digital Artist and Photographer, Co-leader of ArtsiX

Nate is the lead curator of the v isual artists. His exceptional works are prominently featured in globally recognized collections. Nate’s innovative approach has created a demand that consistently exceeds supply, resulting in frequent sell-out drops of his captivating creations. Nate's masterful digital art pieces and mesmerizing photographic compositions captivate viewers with their distinct style, brining a wealth of creativity and inspiration to the ARTSIX alliance.

Pete Argent

Tech Lead & Mentor

Pete Argent, originally a Perth boy, has spent his career in tech and digital skills training. Currently a blockchain lecturer at RMIT in Melbourne, he plays a vital role as a mentor within ArtsiX. His deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies and digital platforms allows him to guide and support the artists in their exploration of digital art forms and emerging art markets. Pete empowers them to leverage technological advancements to enhance their agency in the digital world and embrace the limitless possibilities offered by technology.

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in the world first ArtsiX event, they aim to revolutionize the art world and ignite a new movement. Their vision is to establish a paradigm shift where humans initiate through co-creation and exploration of digital art forms on blockchain technology. By challenging the norms and fostering a collaborative environment, ARTSIX aims to redefine artistic expression and pave the way for a new era of creativity and innovation in the art world.